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Trust Us as Your Experts in Recycling

We’re a family-owned facility - licensed & insured, with trained and experienced professionals.


Our trucking operations provide reliable, quick turnaround delivery and pick-up service, based on your schedule and needs for short or long-term projects. 


With a wide range of bins, boxes, and roll-off containers, find the perfect size for your residential or commercial construction site. Free initial setup for locals, with no upfront cost. Once the container is full, we pick it up and you get same-day payouts - cash or check.

McCoy Truck.jpg
Roll Off bins


McCoy Recycling offers scrap removal services for everyone, from commercial businesses to construction sites, even the general public. We have roll-off containers, boxes, and bins in various sizes to assist in your specific needs. Our quick turnaround drop-off and pick-up services mean you won't be waiting weeks with a full bin. 

Container Dimensions

30-40-50 Yard Roll-off Containers

Washout Bins

4x4x4 Boxes

4x6x4 Boxes 


We offer a variety of on-site services such as asset destruction. When a product or data needs to be destroyed, our certified team can provide a Certificate of Destruction for those needing to verify the method and time of the asset destruction.

Scrap Metal
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