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Trust Us As Your Experts In Recycling

We’re a family-owned facility - licensed & insured, with trained and experienced professionals.


Our trucking operations offer dependable and prompt delivery and pick-up services tailored to your schedule and project requirements throughout the Inland Empire.

Choose from our extensive selection of bins, boxes, and roll-off containers to find the ideal size for your residential or commercial construction site. Local customers enjoy free initial setup without any upfront costs. After your container is filled, we promptly pick it up, and you receive same-day payouts in cash or by check.

Our service area covers San Bernardino County, including Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Fontana, Riverside, and surrounding areas.

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Roll Off bins


McCoy Recycling provides scrap removal services catering to a diverse clientele, including commercial businesses, construction sites, and the general public. Our range of roll-off containers, boxes, and bins in different sizes is designed to meet your specific requirements. Experience the efficiency of our swift drop-off and pick-up services, ensuring that you won't face extended delays with a full bin.

Container Dimensions

30-40-50 Yard Roll-off Containers

Washout Bins

4x4x4 Boxes

4x6x4 Boxes 


We provide a range of on-site services, including asset destruction. Whether it's a product or data that requires secure destruction, our certified team can furnish a Certificate of Destruction. This certificate serves as confirmation, detailing the method and time of the asset destruction, offering assurance to those who need verification.

Scrap Metal
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