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Get anwsers to all your recycling questions 

  • What is California Refund Value?
    California Refund Value (CRV) is the amount paid by consumers at the checkout stand and paid back to consumers when they recycle eligible aluminum, plastic, glass and bi-metal beverage containers at certified recycling centers. The minimum refund value established for each type of eligible beverage container is 5 cents for each container under 24 ounces and 10 cents for each container 24 ounces or greater. Learn More at
  • Does McCoy Recycling buy aluminum cans and plastic bottles?
    Yes, we do! At McCoy Recycling, we accept a wide variety of materials for recycling including aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Our goal is to make recycling as easy and accessible as possible, which is why we offer a convenient drop-off center for all recyclables.
  • Do I need to separate my beverage containers by material type?
    It would be in your best interest to have your CRV load pre-sorted before arriving at the recycling center. Generally speaking, it will save you time spent at the recycling center. Therefore, since your load will already be separated by material type the recycling center can quickly weigh your material and calculate proper payment based on the material type. And if your intent is to request payment based on count, pre-sorting will make it easier for the attendant to count your material. Learn More at
  • What happens if I remove the labels from my containers?
    One of the requirements for a container to be eligible for CRV payment is that the container is labeled with the CRV message. For plastic and glass containers, this messaging will be included on the label. If you remove the label, the container has no refund value and is not eligible for CRV payment. Learn More at
  • Can I get CRV for beverage containers brought in from other states or countries?
    Can I get CRV for beverage containers brought in from other states or countries? No, out-of-state material is not eligible for California Refund Value. Consumers and others may only claim CRV for aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers that were sold in California. Learn More at
  • What are the rules regarding being paid on a per-container basis?
    California law allows you the option of being paid based on count instead of weight for up to 100 empty beverage containers of each material type. This means you can bring your CRV load and request to receive payment on a per-container basis verses having your containers weighed. Recycling centers are required to comply with this rule, found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Chapter 5, Section 2535(b), and thus pay you the full CRV redemption of 5 cents or 10 cents on each container for up to 100 containers of each material type delivered. Just be sure that you inform the site attendant of your load content and how you would like to receive payment before you hand over your load. Learn More at
  • Can I be paid on a per-container basis for more than 50 containers?
    If you’re recycling more than 50 containers of any one material type, the decision to pay by count or weight is under the authority of the recycling center operator. Learn More at
  • How can kids get involved in recycling?
    Kids can definitely recycle too! Put them in charge of making sure recyclables end up in the curbside bin. Or have them sort the bottles and cans consumed at your house, and give them a portion of the refunds you get at your local recycling center. One more way for kids to get in on recycling is to encourage their schools to start a recycling program. It’s a great way to raise money! Learn More at
  • Do you offer recycling tours?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer recycling tours at McCoy Recycling. However, we welcome visitors to drop off their recyclable materials during business hours, and our staff will gladly assist you in recycling. We are committed to providing all our customers with a safe and efficient recycling experience.
  • Do you offer a certificate of destruction? How long do you retain copies of these records?
    Yes, we provide a certificate of destruction per request and we retain these records for 7 years.
  • Do you offer a pick-up service for cardboard?
    Yes, to learn more about pick-up service please contact us for details
  • Do aluminum cans need to be crushed before drop-off?
    No, aluminum cans do not need to be crushed before hand but do need to be empty of material.
  • Do you offer a senior day/veterans rate?
    Yes Senior day is every Wednesday and veterans is every day
  • Why is recycling important?
    Recycling is crucial for reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental impact. It helps save energy and reduces the need for raw materials.
  • What materials can be recycled?
    Common recyclables include paper, cardboard, glass, metal, and certain types of plastics. Check our Materials page for more details.
  • How should I prepare items for recycling?
    Rinse containers to remove any residue, flatten cardboard, and remove caps from bottles. Following local recycling guidelines ensures the efficiency of the recycling process.
  • Can I recycle electronic waste (e-waste)?
    Yes, e-waste such as old electronics can often be recycled. Many communities have special collection programs for e-waste to prevent harmful components from entering landfills.
  • What's the impact of recycling on the environment?
    Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves energy, and helps in the conservation of natural resources. It plays a significant role in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability.
  • Do you accept plastic brine tanks?
  • Do you accept old carpenter tools?
    Yes we do.
  • Do you accept bales of cardboard?
  • Do you take batteries?
    Yes, we take Lead acid batteries.
  • Do you recycle Window Air Conditioning Units?
    Yes, we accept Window Air Conditioning Units.
  • Do you take light metals?
    Yes, we accepts all metals.
  • Do you recycle tin cans here?
    Yes, we accept all metals.
  • Do you take plastic detergent containers?
  • Do you accept aluminum cans?
    Yes, we accept all CRV beverages.
  • Do you recycle appliances? Washer and Dryers?
    Yes, we accept all appliances including washers, dryers, dishwasers, televisions, computers and AC units.
  • What about a satellite dishes and tripod?
    If it is made of metal, we will buy it from you.
  • Do you recycle/buy silver?
    Yes, we accept all metals.
  • Do you accept Plastic Pallets?
    No, we do not accept plastic pallets.
  • Are materials with fiberglass, such as old pool filters, and filtration bases accepted?
  • Do you accept non-CRV plastic #5?
  • Do you accept cast iron?
    Yes, we accept all metals.
  • Do you accept outdoor gas grills?
  • Do you accept metal drums?
    Yes, as long as they are clean and free of material.
  • Do you accept soda can tabs?
  • Do you buy iron?
    Yes, we buy all metals.
  • Do you accept compressors?
    Yes, as long as they are clean of oil or gas
  • Do you accept lawnmowers? Gas or Electric?
    Yes, we accept both gas or electric lawnmowers as long as they are clean of oil and gas.
  • Do you accept Garbage disposals?
  • Do you accept TVs?
    Yes, we accept televisions.
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